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basically armageddon. the white house today focused on even more spending. the obama administration releasing the details of a plan to pump 50 billion more tax dollars into a stimulus-like tag -- package aimed at infrastructure as the president's continues blaming the republican party for the sequestered spin its alleged consequences. white house press secretary jay carney actually mocks congress today for being on recess with a deadline looming, telling republicans there is a very simple solution to this sequestration problem. simply capitulate to the president and the democratic party. >> i don't want to make predictions. i would note that congress is up this week, which says something, i suppose. but the fact of the matter is the march 1st deadline is looming. congress has an option, a very simple option, which is to take up the proposals put forth by senate democrats and house democrats. lou: being very helpful to the republican leaders. the problem with this statement is, there is no democratic proposal. the president has not picked up the phone to even begin to initiate or neg
be many special guests looking down on president obama from the balcony's in the house are representatives, including this man, apple ceo, tim cook, who will be sitting with the first lady. reports say the president will likely reference coke and apple for their latest plan to move manufacturing back to the u.s., but that is not the whole story. coke recently announced a plan to make the new macintosh and the u.s., but there are a tiny part of apple's business. apple's primary product, the ipad, iphone account for nearly three-quarters of the company's sales and are all made in china at places like fox con. that's not going to change a time soon. because as steve jobs once said denton cook echoed, you cannot find that many americans to hire. i bet there are just a few american engineers out there that would disagree, but they probably aren't looking at being paid $18 per day. mr. president, instead of dividing the ceo of the world's biggest company, what you bring in small business owners who are dealing with her policies the in and day out. while they're there may be t
on the sequester? the very first paragraph of the analysis reading, president barack obama's state-by-state breakdown of the sequester, and you get dire message. if you had read it. this guy is going to fall on march 1st. but a closer reading of the detailed report shows that some of this curious stuff is going to happen in slow-motion if it happens all. all this on the heels of the skating weekend op-ed by washington post veteran bob woodward who blasted the president for 11 the sequester a congress. claiming to senior white house aides told him that it was the brainchild of the ministration. meanwhile poking an enormous hole in that transparency claim. listen to him explain how he was told to hide certain information from the press and the public while serving at the pleasure of president obama. >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they tell me was, you're not even to a knowledge that drone program. you're not to discuss the existence of it. our denial of the existence of the program when is obviously happening undermines people'
that with obama four years ago. stuart: someone who is a doctor who seeks to heal versus lawyers who want to win by fighting. that is what got a lot of people upset. stuart: the man comes from completely outside the political realm, makes one speech in the presence of the president at national prayer breakfast and suddenly america at -- we are talking about him and -- [talking over each other] charles: we are desperate because we saw a bunch of people run for political office the highest land and for over each other. liz: no one has a monopoly on debate. he is allowed to speak his mind which he did. stuart: for 25 minutes he had the president's attention. charles: my prediction tonight, the speech tonight will be a reenactment, modern update of the four freedom speech from fdr is what i am predicting. stuart: are you on the show tomorrow? charles: i don't know yet. in the one that is it. dagen mcdowell and connell mcshane. dagen: you heard that live. [talking over each other] dagen: charles -- stuart: that was good. we call you 6, this prediction. connell: i am connell mcshane. dagen: i am dagen
. they are very different. good morning, everyone. tonight president obama gives what is being called an aggressive state of the union address. it's been widely leaked. he will call for robust government involvement in the economy. more spending on education, infrastructure and green energy. pay for it with more taxes on the private sector and on the rich. the president says the government can rebuild the middle class. on capitol hill there will be numerous standing ovations, but 80% thinks that the opportunity for the next generation is disappearing. more than half think the economy will never fully recover and just as the president demands more spending, he reports waste and fraud in the program is put in place. there you have it. the great divide. that's perhaps the true state of the union. stay right there, "varney & company" is about to begin with dr. ben carson. >> all right. everybody, the headline of this morning is dr. ben carson, the man who lectured president obama at the national prayer breakfast last week. he joins us right now. dr. carson, you've taken a leadership role
're just hours away from president obama's address and we've got three money problems the president can't afford to dismiss our all-star power panel explains how to solve them. >>> plus is elon musk versus "the new york times." tesla's new model s is trashed in "the times" review. now he is fighting bacalling it completely untrue. tesla chief executive joins us to explain why. >> are you sitting down? the state of virginia is going to start cutting hours for part-time workers, just so it doesn't have to pay for health care. what? that is exactly what the president said would not happen. we're going to tell you this nasty side-effect from obamacare will spread to your state. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: all right. let's turn to today's market moment. the bulls getting back on track. a rally for financials and some strong earnings reports pushed the dow and s&p 500 back towards five-year highs. the nasdaq saw a slight loss, led by 2.5% decline in apple's stock. the blue chips closed at their highest level since october 12th, of 2007. the dow is just 145
to hear honest, straight talk from a congressman. next up, ceos of the white house again, president obama and business leaders discussing the deficit and immigration reform but critics claim the white house will not listen anyway so why all the meetings? the top economic aid and one of my favorite guys, another straight shooter. i want you to react to a sound bite we have. goldman sachs ceo lloyd playing find spoke about the economy, spoke about what we are about to get into. i want reaction to this sound bite. >> a lot of the economic numbers are surprisingly on the high side. some in front of us, i think it is undeniable we are entering a growth phase at this point. liz: do you agree with that? >> my feeling is that is probably true past the next six months, still feels like it has some bumpy patches we have to get through but i do think as we are slowly coming out of this downturn there probably are a lot of things to the upside we can start looking to benefit from not the least of which being crawling out from under the rock of the collapse of the housing market. liz: we are getting o
are surprised. when president obama talks about abuse in medicare, somehow he is talking about medicare advantage. the administration should not be surprised that you have these bigger than expected cuts right here today on the reimbursement. dagen: to kind of look at it a picture, is this an effort by the government, either by the white house, to kind of chip away at even more the private option within medicare? >> i think you are absolutely right. the more there are other choices, the more people -- it has been working. the overall plan has come in significantly under budget. significantly under expectations. some of the allies do not like it. i do not think it is the right way to reform medicare spending. dagen: do you think, though, that the democrats will ever tackle cutting medicare spending? people are not paying in to medicare as much as they are taking out. how would you go about it? again, the dr. payments keep getting kicked down the road. when will these big picture cuts ever happen? >> look, i think you described it perfectly right. people are taking more out of the system
will join tracy byrnes and ash webster next hour on fox business. melissa: president obama laying out plans for his second term and such to focus on the economy, you would hope. peter barnes at the white house with the latest. peter: the president has taken his traditional walk from the west wing down the colony to the residents that he takes every year working on his state of the union speech. joined by senior aides today, and this speech tonight will have a pretty familiar blueprint to a lot of voters, he expected to look and talk about getting a balanced approach to deficit-reduction and getting money from higher tax revenues as well as spending cuts but he is focusing on mice, manufacturing, improving manufacturing in the united states, continued investment in education and infrastructure, and clean energy. one of his senior economic advisors said there is only one that the president is focused on. melissa: it is true it will be about the m word. middle class. investing in the ingredients that make our country a magnet. we are in a global economy, it is important we have the infrastruct
that case to us. i am sure the obama administration is saying we are getting there. >> it is slowly improving at a pitiful pace. the slowest in american history. you do not get the kind of spread you normally get. if you look at states, you see something very interesting starting to come about. there have been high losses of population. no tax states, like florida and texas, have tens of billions of dollars of income coming in. what that leads you to conclude is that the federal level, we started doing what texas and other states have done, you start to see real competition. connell: you have been a advocate for years for a flat tax. cheryl did a story yesterday about the big wall street firms going to florida because they like the tax structure there. we have done a number of stories out of illinois. are those always the best comparisons? what is happening at the state level, some people said you cannot always do it at the federal level. >> most states have balanced budget provisions. the states that are smart about it keep expenses in line. you realize you get revenue by having a
will do the rest. >> that is the problem ideology light now, barack obama and his administration value truly belit is the government's job to create a stimulus, what can we do to help? what they can do to help is get out of the way. the cuts need to be targeted cut. we know what is driving the debt, it would be absurd to ignore that fact and go after random things or go after defense at a time when national security is concerning, and go after the entitlements, every politician is afraid it talk about the indic the entitlement, they are afraid they the inspect will not be voted back in. >> that their money. charles: the first person that got a social security check, put in a hundred bucks and took out 20,000, people do put money in, but let's not suggest that someone who put in $ 100,000 will live from 65 to 90, and get a million. >> they are not. charles: but we have over promised, w cannot deliver on a promise we made unless something draft 6 done. 6ic is done. >> what is -- draft 6 done. >> we're a country that should value entrepreneurship. that should make it possible for people t
true there is no way the obama administration would improve this, interfering in merger talks all over. >> will be difficult to stop this merger from the department of justice, there is little overlap. the system is complementary. they will firm up with this merger, that is just going to strengthen the industry as we have rationalization of seats. tracy: we have yet to find an airline deal that works to our benefit? from continental, delta, northwest, prices go up, bags get lost and a lot of disgruntled passengers. >> the hard part u.s. airways begins now. integrating these two systems. as far as the stock goes, i tell people to buy on anticipation of the merger, on announcement sell. it is a rough one or two years as they turn into two diverse systems. would be beneficial for everybody. remember a couple years ago when airline ticket prices were cheaper, they were losing money. you have to have an industry that makes money if you want to launch a viable system. dennis: their roots are not overlapping at all. they are complementary which means they don't have as much market power to ra
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)